SHS 72 Pics/Memories - CLICK TO CHECK OUT SLIDE SHOW OF 30 YEAR REUNION! - Click to check out slide show for Steinert HOF - April 25, 2009
I just wanted to let you know that our yearbook has been converted to a CD. From this CD, you will be able to:

-Quickly Find Classmates
-Zoom Up To 1600% - You’ll Be Able To Read Every Word Of Text
-Permanent Medium
-Will Last Generations
-Electronic Replica Capturing All Black And White As Well As Color Photos And Text
-Flip Through Your Yearbook Page-By-Page, Cover-To-Cover, Or Quickly Jump To A Specific Page
-Thumbnails View To Quickly Jump To A Specific Page
-Macintosh And Windows® Compatible
-Handsomely Packaged with the Front and Back of Your Yearbook Cover
-Simple Point And Click Navigation
-High Quality Photo Enhancements (Easily See Small Pictures Like Group Photos, Etc.)
-Easily Pan Anywhere On A Document With Click And Drag
-Zoom–In / Zoom–Out Out Several Ways: Presets Buttons, Magnifying Glass, Preset Dropdown Boxes, Variable Magnifications
The cost of purchasing this CD is $35 which includes shipping and handling. The CD will have a lifetime guarantee, and if it becomes defective, you just need to return it and the firm will replace it. If you are interested, please let me know and I'll add your name to the yearbook database and let you know where to send payment. Thanks.
Monica Kurutz-Kosinar, Reunion Committee Chair



  Reunion Committees Kick Off Party - Spigolas - April 17, 2010 -- Barbara Minock-Carroll, Lida Myronenko-Sharp, Jeff McDonald, Louise Elisio-Jones, Jessie Cicogna-Peterson, Debbie Joachim-Rittenberg, Monica Kurutz-Kosinar (backbround)

      Deb Hendrie Czako & Mike Czako

                            Deb Joachim Rittenberg                  Barbar

Barbara Minock-Carroll, Lida Myronenko-Sharp, Jeff McDonald, Louise Elisio-Jones, Monica Kurutz-Kosinar (rear), Jessica Cigona-Peterson, Deb Joachim-Rittenberg

 Our Soccer Champs-Above, Back Row - left to Right - Ross Hart, Rich Selmon, Jack Arnink, ?, ?, Dave Gallagher, Bill McElroy, ?, ?, ?!  Front Row - Bill Polascak, Jerry Thompson, ?,  (Guys, help me out here with the names I didn't know, please!)  Jerry/Dave, I know you can help me here!

The Class of 72SHS Gang - Below

 Bill McElroy, Jerry Thompson, Richie Selmon, Dave Kenny, Dean Patterson, Ralph Bencivengo, Dave Gallagher, Jeff McDonald, Ross Hart.  Sitting, Jack Arnink, Monica "Kurutz" Kosinar, Lida "Myronenko" Sharp, Louise "Elisio" Jones

Ross Hart, Dave Gallagher, Ralph Bencivengo, Jeff McDonald, Bill Polascak, Richie Selmon 

Jeff McDonald, Louise "Elisio" Jones, Jack Arnink


L-R:  Jeff McDonald, Lida Myronenko-Sharp, Monica Kurutz-Kosinar, Mary Lynn Chianese-Nazzaro -- Rear L-R:  Toni Gliem-Eddy, Dave Eltz

Back Row Left to Right:  Eileen Peterson, Louise Elisio Jones, Jessie Cicogna Peterson, Gale Pagliaro Quinn, Carol Klemmans Grimm, Debbie Hendrie Czako, Lorraine Hirtelen.  Second Row Left to Right:  Leslie Williams, Linda Ranfone, Chris George Schneider, Sandi Faltum Morris, Laverne Morris Owens, Sue Perlstein Tavares, Cindy Reither Szulc.  Bottom Row:  Lida Myronenko Sharp, Maryann Scirgova Funk, Monica Kurutz Kosinar (sitting), Anne Allegretti Karig, Diane Schwartzwalder Carroll.

   Robert Bruce "Cerenzio At Villa Barone, Sept. 9. 2009 and some classmates stopping by saying hello!



Graduation Day - 1972