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07/26/14 03:22 PM #1    

Frank Papp

Hello Classmates,

Greetings from Kabul.

The theme for the 40th reunion was STAYIN ALIVE! inspired by the movie Saturday Night Fever. The movie didn't come out until 5 years after our graduation but it worked for the reunion.

I just got done reading Alan Goehrig's memory message. It is sad that so many of out classmates and friends are gone. My condolences to Alan's family. He was a great guy. 

However I was a little disturbed to see STAYIN ALIVE! below the text under his picture.

Perhaps this needs to be deleted from further Memory posts.

God Bless All Of You,

Frank Papp



07/26/14 05:33 PM #2    


Monica Kurutz (Kosinar)

Thank 's for your comment.  When I get the time, I will fix.  Well aware of when the movie came out, thank you.  It's the meaning of the story that we relate to which is posted on this site.  Thanks for your input, much appreciated.  Stay well Frank!

05/17/16 03:24 PM #3    


Kenneth Doherty

Suggestion for the 45th reunion: Let's try NOT to have it near any holidays.

Things get booked up fast and are much more expensive around the holidays.



Ken D

05/18/16 04:19 AM #4    


Monica Kurutz (Kosinar)

Will keep this in consideraion

08/16/17 03:41 PM #5    

Jane McNellis (Sadowy)

Thanks Monica, Jeff & the all rest for keeping us all updated.   



08/17/17 07:04 AM #6    


Monica Kurutz (Kosinar)

Thank you Jane.  Hoping all is well.

08/16/22 02:51 PM #7    

Jane McNellis (Sadowy)

Huge Thank you to Monica Kurutz (Kosinar) for keeping the Class of 72 informed of important information.  Countless hours she spends typing, posting, emailing, and working to ensure the Class of 72 meets again each year.


Jane McNellis-Sadowy

08/16/22 06:13 PM #8    


Monica Kurutz (Kosinar)

Jane, thank you for those kind words, but I also want to take this time to thank the other committee members for their work in kicking off the reunion! 

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