Class of 72 SHS Reunion - 2022 2nd Survey

Hello Class of 72 Alumni!

Our 50th reunion is creeping up on us and the Reunion Committee is planning the event with some of the details almost complete. What I can tell you now is that due to the economy, pricing for the event will change, but the committee has and still is researching to get the best for our dollar.

The Class of 72 SHS 50th Reunion will be scheduled on:

Saturday - September 24, 2022

Mark your calendars.

This survey is to get an idea how how many alumni are planning on attending and right now only two questions will be asked. It's important that you respond since it will reflect the cost. So please respond, this could be our last reunion.

Thank you!

Monica Kurutz-Kosinar

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1)   Do you plan on coming to the 50th Reunion on September 24, 2022?

Yes No
2)   Do you plan on bringing spouse/guest?

Yes No